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Abortion in the United States and what's at stake this June - Episode 165

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, I interview Madeline Waugh, a social scientist with a focus on reproductive rights in the United States. In this episode, we walk you through the history of abortion in the United States and the present-day situation we find ourselves in. Unfortunately, it feels like most of the world is in chaos so many of us may not realize how close we are in the United States to losing our right to an abortion. In June the Supreme Court will review a Mississippi abortion law and there is a high probability that the court will overturn Roe v Wade making abortion no longer a constitutional right. This will cause a domino effect state by state of the elimination of a female’s right to decide what’s best for her and her body. Although this seem very gloom for women’s rights today we still have an opportunity to improve our chances for the future. The opportunity lies in voting, especially in local elections. I recently met Lisa Mead, a woman running for election in my community. If elected, she would be the youngest female County Commissioner and only parent of school aged children. In Wake County North Carolina we have a very important local election on May 17, with early voting beginning April 28. If you live elsewhere, please make sure to check with the Board of Elections to see when your primary election is, many are occurring in the next month! Local elections can have huge impacts on women's rights and health, so it is important to vote. Please share this episode with your networks because female rights may take a huge setback but we must be prepared to fight for our right to choose. If you benefited from listening to this episode, please consider donating to FemTech Focus which is a 501c3 non-profit empowering the women's health innovation industry. https://femtechfocus.org/donate/