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AllVoices enables a healthier work environment and company culture - Episode 163

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, I interview Claire Schmidt the founder & CEO of AllVoices. AllVoices is an employee feedback management platform that is taking a modern approach to driving change within organizations by giving all employees a way to speak up, provide feedback, ask questions, share positive input, and report harassment, bias, or culture issues directly to their company’s leadership. Before founding AllVoices, Claire served as Vice President of Technology and Innovation at 20th Century Fox and she came across Susan Fowler's blog, exposing the toxic harassment she experienced as a software engineer at Uber. The story occupied part of Claire’s mind for months. She began speaking with CEOs, lawyers, HR professionals and other employees (including Susan Fowler) and discovered that the tools available to employees to share feedback or report issues were ineffective, ominous and rarely used. The whistleblower hotlines in the market were outdated and clunky. This lack of an effective and comprehensive employee feedback management platform, was encouraging toxic workplace cultures of silence and unresolved, systemic issues. So Claire began building AllVoices. Now, AllVoices is the leading Employee Feedback Management Platform, trusted by leading companies and preferred by employees. Learn more at www.allvoice.co Enjoy the episode!