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Celebrate World Menopause Day with The Cusp - Episode 55

Episode Summary

Dr. Taylor Sittler is the co-founder & CEO of The Cusp, a digital platform that provides comprehensive, collaborative, compassionate menopause care that’s built around—and with—women. Their platform includes private chat options, 1-on-1 meetings with menopause specialists and personalized care plans. Taylor previously co-founded Color Genomics (now known as Color), a startup that created affordable genetic tests to help people understand their risk for hereditary cancer. He attended the University of Massachusetts Medical School, worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and then at University of California San Diego under a Howard Hughes Medical Training Fellowship. On this episode we discussed predicting menopause, education on menopause and getting men involved in femtech. Check out The Cusp at thecusp.com Rate, Review & Subscribe!