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Coral uses science-based app to improve your sex life - Episode 132

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, I interview Isharna Walsh, the CEO, and founder of Coral. Coral is a venture-backed app that shows you how to have your best sex life through personalized lessons, guided exercises, real stories, and more. Coral is here to challenge sexual complacency and wake people up to the wonders of investing in their sex life - because sexuality is an integral part of happiness, health, and identity. Coral is an app that facilitates sexual education, acceptance, and connection, to improve happiness and impact lives, relationships, and society. The founder, Isharna Walsh is an investor turned founder. At one point she was even the Economic Advisor to the Australian Prime Minister and Cabinet. She is a global woman who was born and educated in Australia but has also lived in Indonesia, Italy, Sri Lanka, and the US. Over 300K individuals and couples have used Coral’s science-based app to learn and play their way to less stress, better sex, and deeper intimacy. Learn more at www.getcoral.app. Our listeners get a 20% membership discount. Go to www.trycoral.app/podcast and get 20% off your membership. Enjoy the episode!