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Eli Health, Daily Hormone Testing for Fertility, Contraception, and Overall Understanding of Female Health - Episode 125

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, I interview Marina Pavlovic Rivas CEO and Co-founder of Eli Health. Eli Health enables women to take control of their health across their lives, by providing them with powerful information on their daily hormone profile. They are creating a small at-home device to monitor hormones in your saliva on a daily basis. This data then syncs with their app to provide personalized insights into your daily hormone fluctuations. With this powerful information, users know their precise fertile days which is useful for couples who want to conceive and women who want a safe contraceptive method that’s hormone-free and non-invasive. The long-term mission goes beyond fertility and contraception. Hormones are at the very root of women’s health for diet, mental health, bone health, you name it! Yet, no solution allows for daily monitoring of the fluctuations of multiple hormones over many years. This lack of data has led to women’s health needs being poorly understood and thus poorly addressed. Learn more at https://www.eli.health