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Funding the next generation of women's sexual health companies with Amboy Street Ventures - Episode 119

Episode Summary

Carli Sapir is a Founding Partner of Amboy Street Ventures, a venture capital fund investing in Seed and Series A sexual health & women’s health technology startups that are progressing the industry in America and Europe. She is also the Founder of the Female Founded Club (FFC), a global platform that introduces VC investors to high-quality female founded startups. Carli has an affinity for startups in the sexual health and women's health technology landscape due to personal health experiences. While running the FFC, she recognized that the lack of venture capital flowing to the SH&WHT market is stunting the growth of startups that tackle significant health problems for all genders. Prior to Amboy Street Ventures, Carli worked in private equity and engineering. We discussed VICE clauses, FemTech startups Carli is excited about and the Healthy Pleasure Group. Check out Amboy Street Ventures at www.amboystreet.vc Rate, Review & Subscribe!