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The Google of women's health, Hertility Health - Episode 34

Episode Summary

Dr. Helen O'Neill currently serves as the Founder & CEO of Hertility Health while also being the Programme Director, Reproductive Science and Women's Health at University College London and Lecturer in Reproductive and Molecular Genetics. Hertility Health is creating an easier way for women to get personalised insights into their digital biological clock, whenever they need it. Their Hertility Health Test is a proactive hormone test that gives insights into egg count, ovulation and how general health might be impacting reproductive biology. She was selected for 10W London- "Highlighting Impressive Women Leaders around the World" and one of the Top Twenty in Data and Technology in the United Kingdom by Women in Data UK. She's also appeared on BBC News and spoken at The Royal Society. We discussed egg freezing, biometrics and my personal favorite topic: genetics! Check out Hertility Health at www.hertilityhealth.com Rate, Review, and Subscribe!"