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Live UTI Free advocates for females suffering with chronic UTIs - Episode 166

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, I interview Melissa Kramer the CEO and Founder of Live UTI free. As a women's health advocate Melissa works closely with researchers, clinicians, and members of the public to ensure the patient perspective is acknowledged, particularly in the area of recurrent urinary tract infection - the second most common infection in adults, globally. In 2017, she founded Live UTI Free, a patient advocacy and research organization with a highly engaged community. 7 million females experience a UTI each year in the United States with about 35% of them having another UTI within 6 months. Many of these reoccurring infections may be caused by an underlying bladder infection that goes undiagnosed and ineffectively treated. My favorite resource they offer is the ‘take to your doctor’ and ‘patient guide’ resources. These are documents that help empower women to speak with their physicians about what they believe they are experiencing. Get these resources and more at www.LiveUTIfree.com. Enjoy the episode!