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Menstrual reflux and early diagnosis for endometriosis with Hera Biotech - Episode 112

Episode Summary

Somer Baburek is the CEO, President and Co-Founder of Hera Biotech. Hera Biotech is a biotechnology company that was formed to address unmet needs in the field of women’s health and specifically, in reproductive medicine. Hera’s initial goal is to commercialize the MetriDx™, a non-surgical method for the definitive and early diagnosis of endometriosis. Prior to founding Hera, Somer spent 7 years with the largest life science venture capital fund in San Antonio assisting with due diligence activities and served in 2 of the fund’s sister companies as the Director of Clinical Operations. During her time with the companies, she was part of the senior management team that took them from a single investigator-initiated IND to 4 open INDs, saw the successful license of a 5 sku product line to the largest industry participant and successfully managed an End of Phase 2 Meeting with the FDA before they were acquired for $250M USD. Somer took a short break following the exit, while she looked for available technology in her field of passion, women’s health. We discussed menstrual reflux, the stages of endometriosis and endometriosis diagnosis. Check out Hera Biotech at www.herabiotech.com Rate, Review & Subscribe!