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MOLLI Surgical replaces wires with magnetic seeds for breast lumpectomies - Episode 128

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, I interview Dr. Fazila Seker co-founder and CEO of MOLLI Surgical. MOLLI Surgical has developed a device that creates a better treatment journey for breast cancer patients. The device is a cutting-edge magnetic technology that shows surgeons where to remove tissue inside the breast, either a lumpectomy to test for cancer or to remove a cancerous mass. The current procedure is called a wire-guided excision biopsy which includes putting a thin wire into the breast tissue to show a surgeon the exact area to remove. The other end of the wire hangs outside the body and is taped to the woman’s side for up to 1 day before surgery. MOLLI on the other hand is a small magnetic bullet that is inserted into the breast into the target surgical site. No wires are hanging outside the body and there's no rush into surgery within the next 24 hours. The radioactive seed also helps surgeons remove lesions more efficiently and accurately. MOLLI is approved for use in Canada and the US. Fazila hosts a weekly Facebook Live show called “Breast Practices” where experts and patients discuss topics in patient-centered care. Learn more about MOLLI and check out the show breast practices at mollisurgical.com. Enjoy the interview!