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Nourishing the future of humanity with BIOMILQ's breastmilk - Episode 110

Episode Summary

Michelle Egger, CEO & Co-founder of BIOMILQ, is a diversely experienced food scientist with an eye to global food systems change. She looks to combat global food security and malnutrition in everything she does. Inspired by upstream solutions for infant nutrition at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, she became obsessed with advancing human nutrition through better infant feeding options. Michelle seeks to harness the capacity to drive environmental and social change through creative food solutions with a consumer-first design. Her entrepreneurial expertise in social impact and sustainable business models drives her commitment to seeking mission-aligned partners. Michelle believes that providing all infants with optimal nutrition in their first 1,000 days of life should be a human right for every parent on the planet. We discussed Michelle's mission to advance society through nourishment, how BIOMILQ produces the breastmilk, Michelle's fundraising mandate for BIOMILQ. Check out BIOMILQ at biomilq.com Rate, Review & Subscribe!