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The Agenda Period facilitates task management based on your menstrual cycle - Episode 126

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, I interview Alyx Coble-Frakes, the CEO and Co-founder of The Agenda Period. The Agenda Period is a new type of period tracker that tells, you based on your menstrual cycle, what kind of work you should be doing. The idea is that today’s work life is based on a 24-hour cycle, which is the hormonal cycle of males. Females have an approximately 28-day cycle. Depending on which of the 4 menstrual phases a female is in, certain tasks should be performed. Such as pitching your startup while ovulating and cleaning out your inbox while bleeding. Download their app for free on the App Store. If you’d like their physical agenda book, go to TheAgendaPeriod.com and use promo code AGENDA10 for 10% off your order.