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Using seeds to manage your cycle with Funk It Wellness - Episode 122

Episode Summary

Funk It Wellness is a cycle support company that builds products and community to support menstruators through their hormonal journey. Their products include a seed cycling kit to support PMS symptoms and an organic maca concentrate for increasing libido. The founder and CEO, Kate Morton, is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Human Clinical Nutrition and a passion for talking about periods & hormones. A little over 4 years ago she got off birth control after years and years and experienced all of the side effects of hormonal imbalance which lead her to create Funk It. Funk It is a 100% food-based hormone support company with its star product being their Seed Cycling Kits. Don’t know what seed cycling is? Tune in to find out more! Use promocode "femtech" at https://www.funkitwellness.com for 20% off your order.