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Wildflower Health's healthcare software empowering value-based care for women - Episode 123

Episode Summary

Ok femfans, in today’s episode I interview Leah Sparks the CEO and founder at Wildflower Health. Wildflower Health is a healthcare software tool that accelerates virtual and value-based care between physicians, insurance companies, and the patient. They engage patients with a combination of high-tech and high-touch support. Telehealth and healthcare software that connect doctors, patients, and insurance may seem like old news especially after this past year with Covid-19. But Wildflower has been doing this for women’s health since 2012 with their maternal health app. Today, they support the entire ecosystem - the provider, the payer, and the family - with a clinically-integrated solution that is purpose-built to advance more effective, efficient care, as well as the payment models that fuel it. Learn more at https://www.wildflowerhealth.com