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Your trusted guide for your hair care journey, Black Hair Management - Episode 104

Episode Summary

Nnenna Umelloh is the Founder and CEO of Black Hair Management, a wellness brand with hair care at the center. They function as a trusted guide in the natural hair care journey and ship high-quality hair care and wellness products based on their hair texture and lifestyle. Their goal is to help women grow healthy hair. Prior to launching B.H.M, Nnenna was a Higher Education Consultant and taught students how to go to college, grad school, or trade school with scholarships based on personal experience. She has earned over $100,000 in scholarships to graduate debt-free in the United States and in the United Kingdom with her bachelors and masters. She also has created a 2 hours online scholarship course and published a book on scholarships. We discussed Nnenna's personal experience with her own hair care, confidence of knowledge for hair care and pubic hair care. Check out Black Hair Management at www.blackhair.management Rate, Review & Subscribe!